Thursday, 4 October 2007


Marsha (born a werewolf)


A small family of werewolves, had lived in a village named Darkwater for centuries. They were not, the type to feed, off the villagers. Instead, the father of the family, would own a butchers shop. Sometimes, a pack of evil werewolves, would rule the village.

The pack would enter the village, one by one, disguised as hitch hikers. The first to arrive, would befriend some one. Then kill the occupant, to take over the house. One by one, the rest of the pack, would arrive. A plan was formed, to take over the village, slowly. The family of werewolves would , try to stop this, but it did not always succeed. The police who never, believed, in anything supernatural were powerless.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

MARSHA The werewolf bitch

Marsha is a teenage girl who is born a werewolf.

The pack that she is with have old ways of how they live. Because she dares to live her own life her own way the pack use more aggressive ways to keep her in check. One day Marsha steals some money and runs away.

Not going in any particular direction she ends up in the english country village named Darkwater. In this village she meets a lady named Susan Love who takes her in. The problem that she faces is that Marsha can never tell anyone what she is? What if the pack find her as she is afraid of the leader. Darkmind is the leader who will stop at nothing until he finds Marsha.

Marsha has one older brother named Eddie who will protect her but in a fight he is no match for Darkmind. Further problems are when the moon is full she has to change. Feeding on human hearts, Marsha will find it hard to stay in the village when her victims are found. Will susan hide her or will she have to run away again? At the present Marsha has lived in Darkwater for six months and so far there has been no full moon. The next month there will be three separate nights when the full moon will be high. The only way to save Marsha is that she must be with someone who truly loves her when the full moon shines. This is the only way to stop the change however Marsha must never leave her true love or she will became the beast again.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

bidding for properties

The council have changed the system of finding accommodation. Instead of a waiting list, you now bid for a property of your choosing. This creates the problem of not knowing how many others are bidding for the property that you have chosen. Also if a person is homless they have no chance of any flat. The word cruelty springs to mind, as every one knows that the council staff do not suffer this problem. The further problem is that how can this be changed back? Does any one in authority even care if they were to be informed of this situation? The poor people in every community always suffer, while the rich will never understand the problems of the poor - this then creates ignorance. Maybe some kind of mild conflict could arise in the near or distant future, who knows?